Interview: How did The Climate Court app change your fast fashion buying habits?

We interviewed Emma Ellis from Amber Mountain Marketing to see how The Climate Court app helped her change her lifestyle. Emma talks about how she’s taken on lots of second-hand buying habits in order to prevent wasted clothes from being bought and her advice to the younger generation. The Climate Court is a great way […]

The Grandparent Conversation

Everyone knows what the hardest conversation you will have as a parent is. But what about the hardest conversation when you are a Grandparent. I reckon the below might cover it. Grandchild “So when you were young, Grandad, the world used to dig oil, coal and gas out of the ground and burn it to […]

The Basics of Climate Change

Our planet is essentially solar powered. Sunlight pours down onto the surface of the earth and allows plants to combined it with Carbon Dioxide in the air to create energy. This process is called photosynthesis and is fundamental to life on earth. The energy created by plants is then transferred to animals as they eat […]